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Over the last 20 years, Illa and Jeetu have travelled the world, learning and sharing precious ancient wisdom and practical techniques to reconnect the human being with its soul. They have been following their teacher and spiritual master Dr. and Master Sha, who created Soul Mind Body Medicine®, a system for optimum happiness and health. His system is based on Shen Qi Jing, Alignment of the soul, heart, mind and body, to uplift every aspect of life. He teaches Soulfulness: a state achieved by focusing on the soul and nourishing it through ancient wisdom and practical techniques.

Illa and Jeetu are Certified Master Teachers of the Tao Academy offering workshops and classes to experience soulfulness, through Four Power Technique meditation and blessings (special frequency field), Tao Calligraphy tracing and writing, and other practical techniques.


Work with Illa or Jeetu to receive deep sacred wisdom, insights, guidance, tools and techniques for your personal needs which can offer you great support in your life and spiritual journey.


We invite you to experience a profound soul wisdom and techniques of the power of soul to transform every aspect of your life, including health, relationships, business and finance.



Receive blessings of high frequency and vibration through Tao Hands, Tao, Calligraphy tracing, Guan Yin Crown Chakra blessings and other blessings to remove soul, heart, mind and body blockages.


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