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Meet Illa

Certified Master Teacher of the Tao Academy™
  • Tao Hands Practitioner
  • Tao Calligraphy Practitioner
  • Tao Song Practitioner
  • Guan Yin Linage Holder
I’m a soul who has overcome deepest challenges, that became the life force of my growth. Gratefully, I found my inner peace, you know why? Because I discovered the Power of my soul and Soul Healing. I am so thankful to all those who came into my life to teach me deep lessons to allow me to transform and grow and continue to grow.
At present, I am a Guan Yin Lineage holder, Tao Calligraphy Master Practitioner, and a Tao Hands Practitioner. My journey experiences included NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer, Theta Healer, Pranic Healer, Reiki, Tarot card reading, Past life regression, Future life Progression and more……
The experiences of life took me to spend time in an Ashram – a divine spiritual place near the foothills of the Himalayas. A Saint told me: “You have a gift. Your life has been, and is, the embodiment of that gift.” Not understanding what was said, I advanced on a spiritual journey, learning meditation to heal pain and hurt, and awakening to the power of my soul. On the fourth day of a nine-day silent retreat, a feeling of peace and stillness came over me, with the realisation that I am nothing, but I have everything. There is a greater power always looking after us, and I’m here to make the world a better place. To Serve – to make others happier and healthier.
My passion now is to serve all souls to bring Love Peace and harmony.
“The purpose of life is to serve, to serve is to make others happier and healthier” – Master Zhi Gang Sha
My spiritual teachers prepared me to meet my Spiritual Father, and Tao Grandmaster, Master Zhi Gang Sha. To enhance my spiritual journey further and to share the wisdom and teachings of Tao.
I am in deepest gratitude to all those teachers along the way who shared their wisdom. I am honoured to have been personally mentored and guided by the E-Myth author, Michael E Gerber and being taught to be an exceptional speaker by Clinton Swaine. Trained along the way with thought leaders such as Anne Jirsch, John Cassidy-Rice, Chris Howard and Tony Robbins.
People in business can only ever truly be fulfilled once they tap and harness the power of Soul. I have created my program based on PES (Peaceful Evolutionary systems). I invite you all to come and harness the power of your and business’s soul…
With love always

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