“The road less travelled is the path to take,” they say! However what is the road less travelled and how do you know that that is the road that one must take?


The truth is you don’t, and you never will. A beautiful story about a seeker and Zen Master.

A seeker came to a Zen master and asked the question “What is the way?”

The Zen master replies “the hills are beautiful!” The seeker feeling excited and then angry could not understand why he was not answering the question. He thought “I am asking the Zen master for the way and he is saying the hills are beautiful!”

With that the seeker left feeling unfilled, angry and frustrated. A disciple, on seeing this, said to the Zen master “Master, he must think that you are mad!”

The Zen master replied “Well one of us is mad, because you cannot ask about the way; you have to travel it to find the way!”

Isn’t this true? Through travelling, the way is discovered. It is not there ready-made, so no-one can say where it is. It is not like a highway showing you the direction, ready-made for you to travel. There is no way like that!

A way is created by your travelling. The moment you take your first few steps, a way is created. It comes out of you! It comes from you. You create it then travel it then create it some more. If a way is shown it is someone else’s way – you must travel to find the way!

The way to travel cannot be asked! YOU are the way. When the Zen master said that the hills were beautiful, it is because nobody crosses the hills and only those that cross the hills see beyond the hills. Because beyond the hills is where you will find the way!