Dear ones

We are so happy and grateful that you are here with us. We are honoured to share with you the ancient wisdom, techniques and practices shared with me by my Tao Master and spiritual father and teacher  Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha.

So today’s topic is ‘Service’. One of the things that touched my life and I can say even, changed my life were these words, (from Master Sha book The Power of Soul)

“The purpose of life is to serve, I have committed my life to this purpose, Service is my life mission”

This one sentence totally changed my life, Why? You may well ask. Think about the words, for me it freed me up from thinking that I need a deeper purpose, or why am I here? Or I don’t know what my purpose is, and feeling incomplete in my life.

But for all of us we all want to serve in some form or another, Service can be as simple as a smile, or helping someone cross the road. Life is a journey, we don’t need to know it all in one go. You find the way when you step out from the illusion of having to get it all right at once.  So do something different today that will allow you to serve.  Maybe buy a hot meal for a homeless person, maybe go out and enjoy the fresh air, you are serving your soul, your body.  Do something different today and please share on our Facebook page or send us your experience.

Here is a little gift for you enjoy, feel the love, bathe in the service to these children (below)

Serving children in India with a simple song, sang in Hindi but the words are very simple. The foundation is who we support

I love my heart and soul

I love all humanity

Join hearts and souls together

Love peace and harmony

love peace and harmony

here is the song for you listen and make a request for a blessing

A gift from us to you (below)

Here is the song for you listen and make a request for a blessing, Love Peace and Harmony Song

Let us know how you feel we are here all on a journey together

What’s on?

Master Sha is doing a love meditation daily on Facebook live at 4.45pm UK time / 11.45am ET

It is a gift beyond measure to serve humanity

Thank you with all my heart and soul

See you soon

Illa Khagram