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“Illa will help get your life back on track and your business along with it! Illa is the radiant heart.”

Micheal E. Gerber, The Worlds No. 1 Business Guru – INC Magazine


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My business has excelled in every area after working with Illa. I am happy, my staff are happy and my business has doubled financially. Illa really showed me what it was to have a vision and to take continuous small actions that has allowed me to be in tune with my passion.



Thank you Illa and Jeetu. Such blessed people who serve unconditionally. The workshop was an eye opener for me and I can’t wait to discover more on my journey.


Illa has truly helped me to start to fully awaken to my spiritual connection and power. She holds the space with such grace and knowledge, as well as a lighthearted touch that I come out of the sessions feeling grounded, calm and as if I’ve been on holiday! Illa always follows up after sessions to offer support. Thank you Illa, you have helped me elevate my life!


My business has excelled in every area Illa is an intuitive and fantastic coach. I can’t tell you enough about how she has shown me new heights and places in my being that I ever even knew existed yet she did. Today, I am living the life of my dreams – growing business, greater and deeper relationship with my husband, and my kids are just excelling in every area of their lives. Illa is the total package and I can’t be grateful to her enough. She has worked with me and my whole family and all I can say is – can you afford not to get in touch with her?



Thank you dearest Illa for the Sleep blessings. I have had good sleep although some short coz of stuff. But the stuff keeping me up is me taking action or working on stuff that I usually don’t have time for. I am making better choices, have more belief in myself, meeting more positive people and my journey is clearer. So less anxious and feeling great. It’s a blessing that gives you better sleep but not like a sleeping tablet only addressing the quality of sleep. But addresses the route and I can only explain it that it has shifted things in my life to allow me better quality sleep.


My son was diagnosed… no sorry, as Illa says ‘LABELLED’ with ADHD. He started taking drugs and smoking, and he was only 8 years old. Illa worked with my son and allowed him to “JUST BE” as she called it. Within a year his grades went up, and his social behaviour was more acceptable. We are so grateful for Illa for coming into our lives. I would have surely lost my child without her. God bless you Illa. Your mission to save these kids is amazing.


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