The wise ones tell you
Where you have fallen
And where you yet may fall –
Invaluable secrets!
Follow them, follow the way.

Do not look for bad company
Or live with those who do not care.
Find friends who love the truth.
Drink deeply.
Live in serenity and joy.

The wise one delights in the truth
And follows the law of the awakened.
The farmer channels water to his land.
The fletcher whittles his arrows.
And the carpenter turns his wood.
So the wise direct their minds.

The wind cannot shake a mountain.
Neither praise nor blame moves the wise ones.
He is clarity.
Hearing the truth,
She is like a lake,
Pure and tranquil and deep.

Want nothing.
Where there is desire,
Say nothing.
Happiness or sorrow –
Whatever befalls you,
Walk on
Untouched, unattached.

Few cross over the river.
Most are stranded on this side.
On the riverbank they run up and down.
But the wise, following the way,
Cross over, beyond the reach of death.

He or she leaves the dark way
For the way of light.

Free from desire,
Free from possessions,
Free from the dark places of the heart.
Free from attachment and appetite,
Following the seven lights of awakening,
And rejoicing greatly in their freedom,
In this world the wise ones
Become themselves a light,
Pure, shining, free.

~ Buddha (The Dhammapada)
The Way of Wisdom