“The Divine Buddha incarnated on Earth to bring wisdom, inspiration and blessings to humanity.  There are so many beautiful lessons to learn from the life of the Buddha. His life is the epitome of enlightenment in action.
The Buddha went to forests to seek enlightenment and to find the Truth. Thus, people ask, “So, must we also leave everything to see the Truth?”  No. Once Edison discovered the laws of electricity, we merely have to use these laws and apply them in our daily lives. We do not have to rediscover them. Once Newton developed the laws of physics, we use these laws in our lives and in our work. We do not have to re-discover these laws. We only need to use them and apply them.
Similarly, the Buddha went to the forest and discovered the Truth. We don’t have to leave everything, go to the forest and re-discover this. We only have to take the Truth that he discovered and apply it in our lives.
After many years of sadhana in the forest, the Buddha attained enlightenment. However, once he attained this state, what did he do? Did he stay in the forest and continue only to enjoy the divine ecstasy of union with God? Did he spend all of his time in meditation, puja and silence? No. He immediately came back to the world and started serving. He immediately started to share this treasure chest of wisdom with all. Whatever he knew, whatever he had realized, he spent every minute of his life sharing it with everyone who would listen.
The Buddha’s gift was his wisdom. So, he spent the rest of his life sharing this knowledge with all. Our gifts may be different. Our gifts may be certain talents or may be our financial wealth or may be something else. But, we must take this message to heart. We all must spend our lives sharing our gifts with the world. Whatever gifts God has bestowed upon us – whether divine knowledge, expertise in a certain field, a particular talent, or financial wealth – must be shared with all.
Let us realize the true, temporary and illusory nature of the material world, and instead dedicate ourselves to Truth, to God, to spirituality and let us give, give and give whatever we have to others. This is the message of the Buddha.”


– H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatij