Today as I watch a parent looking and weening and nurturing their garden, I thought of a child who too is like that garden.


The gentleman was so lovingly moving and nurturing every plant and as I saw this I went over to talk to him. “It is a lot of work isn’t it,” I asked. He said “Yes it is, but in order to make sure that I get the best out of the seeds I need to take care and help them grow.”

Hmm, interesting. We as adults take so much care over these seeds to ensure that they give us satisfaction to see what it is that we have developed. If they are vegetable seeds, to ensure that they give us the right nutrition, or flowers then they are just perfectly beautiful to see and smell.

I said to him “It is like bringing up a child, isn’t it really?” He answered, “Oh no, they don’t make noise and disobey and don’t try your patience!”

How interesting that we spend our every hour ridding the plant of insects and worms and pruning and nurturing and the next day only to do it all over again, yet we have all the patience in the world to nurture something that you have grown and are controlling.

Well you planted a seed that developed and grew to become a foetus, then a baby, then a child then an adult yet we don’t spend as much time on this as we do our plant seeds? Why?

Can you imagine if you nurture this seed that is the beginning of life what you could help develop? Just like the plant seeds, we need to nurture, love and mentor these seeds with love, patience and guidance. After all, we created them. They did not create us, we came into the world first, they followed … We came first! So many times I hear parents say that my son/daughter is uncontrollable they just don’t listen, I am tired and have no more energy…and so on and so on. When we nurture the seed that grows into a plant, do we ask it to do as it is told or do we physically and mentally need to nurture this growth? Are we able to stop the worms etc, sometimes but we give this seed strength with fertilisers and all sorts of things then we will make sure that we have done it just right.

Every plant that is nurtured then creates a succession of future fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers. And once the foundation of this seed is laid with love, patience and understanding, it then bears fruit and flowers. Then the nurturing that you need to do is reduced as the foundation is already laid!

Every child is like the seeds in your garden and if we nurture this miracle with love, patience and understanding imagine the fruits of what they would not only give to you but also to the world because they would pay this forward and create the same love, patience and understanding.

Can we change the world by nurturing our children – what do you think?