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The New Woman

Hi I’m Illa, I am a wife, a daughter, a mother, a sister, a friend, a mentor, a healer, a teacher, a soul. I have seen great joy in my life and I have also endured unimaginable pain, sorrow and loss. I have been broken apart and died many a death only to be reborn and rise like a Phoenix from the ashes, ready to speak the truth that has been hidden for so long.

This story is a part of my life my legacy of my conversations with Michael E. Gerber, who challenged the assumptions that I was making, what happened was I woke up! The one who woke up is the one who is sharing her heart in this book with you all.

I share this journey with you with my open heart so that you too can awaken that within you that is yearning, crying to be heard.

The New Woman Book
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