Today I am going to talk to you about your purpose, vision and mission in life. What does this really mean to you?

The first questions that come into my mind are “Who am I?” and “where am I going”. Here is my take on it.

As adults, we question our pure existence at every stage in our life when we have emotional downhills and at every one of those times those questions seem to come up. It always seems to be when we are downtrodden, disempowered and low that these questions come up. Why do we never ask these questions when in fact everything is going OUR way and when life seems to be in perfect harmony and your head and heart are in total synch? Have you ever wondered why this is? I spent years and years observing this behaviour in adults and children and I found that the older you get the more and more these questions are asked!

Why is it that a child never asks these questions? Well here is what I think and what I believe. I so strongly believe that every child – even before they are born – knows what it is that they will be entering into the world to do. I found that the more a person is in synch with their true heart and follows this in living that path to their real purpose, the more appealing that they appear to the outside world. More people seem to connect with them because they themselves are connected to themselves so therefore in total harmony with the energy around them and therefore this is resonating outwards.

Mother Teresa never had to ask people to love and respect her, they just did. She knew what she was here to do. The energy that liberated around her was empowering and full of substance: she was in total synch with her true being.

Martin Luther King, Lady Diana, Nelson Mandela, and Florence Nightingale – what about the “newer” people? Can you think of anyone who has that air around them? See if you can and you will know what I am talking about.

Is there then, not this same energy around children up to around the age of 4 years old? Why does everyone find them to be so cute no matter what colour, creed, race or religion? Would you then not say that this is somehow linked to them really knowing their true purpose in life, their true being and are totally one with themselves.

These are the jewels in our lives that we need to love and empower to just be, so that there is a better world. They are the future of this world and we can empower these jewels to shine..

May you discover your life’s purpose, mission and vision and next time you look at a child know they know far more than you could possibly imagine.