Vitality, The New You 2022

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To go beyond your limitations, beyond your expectations and more, This IS the foundation to health, happiness, finances, increasing your energy, stamina, vitality, immunity and beyond.

1 Month Programme – 26th March until 23rd April 2022

Have you ever truly connected to your Soul?
The one who guides you protects you and nourishes you and is the carrier of all the information.

This programme will empower you to take SELF RESPONSIBILITY

In this programme, you will learn and experience:

  • Sacred wisdom for bringing harmony to your digestive system
  • How to boost your Energy Stamina Vitality & Immunity
  • Tools, techniques, and practices to support you to sleep better
  • Nutrition tips and changes to the way you think, feel, and look at food
  • Spiritual detox to cleanse from head to toe, skin to bone.
  • Sacred and secret high vibrational practices and Mantras to empower and create this field of Vitality The new you for each one of us.

This programme is For You If…

  • You seek LOVE for yourself
  • Transformation of YOUR self-love, self-worth to more positive thought, speech and action are required.
  • You are searching to take your own responsibility, and control of your life on all levels – emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental, but don’t know how.
  • Motivation and encouragement to be stronger, focused on moving forward are being searched for.
  • If you want to learn what is not serving your Soul and physical journey so this can be released.
  • Accountability, community, and support are required to help you move forward in your journey.

We will all support each other so that we create this field of Vitality The new you for each one of us.

How the Programme works:

Date: 26th March 2022 – 10 am – 2 pm
Where: Online

Introduction to yourself, learn various techniques for how to align with your authentic self. This will bring much joy health wealth and more in your life. Dive deep into the foundations, tools, techniques and meditations that are going to be used throughout the programme.

As a bonus for everyone who registers
We are giving you as a bonus GIFT 4 weeks of ongoing practice sessions.
These will help you to create new habits and transform, your physical, your health, and all aspect of your life.


  • Mon 28th March – Fri 1st April
  • Mon 4th April – Fri 8th April
  • Mon 11th April – Fri 15th April
  • Mon 18th April – Fri 22nd April
    Times: 7 am – 8 am UK time
    Where: Live on Zoom

These 4 weeks of morning online practices are an essential part of the programme.
Where we create the field of oneness, high vibration and Vitality The new you for each one of us, creating the time and space for our daily practice.

Date: 23rd April 2022: 10 am – 2 pm
Where: Online

To complete the whole programme, the connection to conclude and next steps to take your spiritual journey to the next level.

Total Early Bird Honouring fee: £90 per person until 20 March 2022

Total Honouring fee after 20 March 2022: £120 per person

Special blessings, downloads, and transmissions will have an additional honour fee as and when you request.


This is your time right NOW to create YOUR tomorrow


Please do join us and invite others too. We look forward to seeing you with love and gratitude

Illa & Jeetu Khagram

(Please do book as places are going quickly)

If you have any questions please contact Illa (07881 622 645, email) or Jeetu (07774 141 045, email)