The New Women Book Release

The New Women

Hi I’m Illa, I am a wife, a daughter, a mother, a sister, a friend, a mentor, a healer, a teacher, a soul. I have seen great joy in my life and I have also endured unimaginable pain, sorrow and loss. I have been broken apart and died many a death only to be reborn and rise like a Phoenix from the ashes, ready to speak the truth that has been hidden for so long.

This story is a part of my life my legacy of my conversations with Michael E. Gerber, who challenged the assumptions that I was making, what happened was I woke up! The one who woke up is the one who is sharing her heart in this book with you all.

I share this journey with you with my open heart so that you too can awaken that within you that is yearning, crying to be heard.

Illa Khagram is personally inviting you to her co-authored book launch “The New Woman”
This going to be such a beautiful event and I would be honoured for you to join if you can make it.The book is filled with empowering female authors, sharing so many personal stories, knowledge, and wisdom.It will be an amazing event filled with love and fun too!! Please complete the form below and I will send you an email with a link of how you can join. Love you

Time: Jul 24, 2021,  14:00 PM London