Soul Communication Practice Sessions

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Soul Communication is a Key to infinite wisdom, guidance and possibilities to guide your life for:

-Your relationships



-Business and so much more

Communication is one of the most important aspects of life, how would life be if we were not able to communicate with loved ones, friends, colleagues and more for everything! In modern day life we communicate using the mobile phone, through radio and via satellites. With Advanced technology, scientists communicate with our cells and cell units and with planets, stars and galaxies, Communication is a vital part of life!

People struggle because they have forgotten how to communicate with ease.  Many people have had the desire to communicate with the Divine, the saints, Buddhas and more to bring insights and wisdom to their life.

Well now you can with this weekly class to help you to communicate with ease, to open your spiritual channels further to be able to see 3rd eye images

These classes will be fun, adventurous and full of love for you to bring in greater love and light to your whole existence.

It is for anyone who wishes to have a deeper and better understanding of themselves and all those around them, to gain deeper awareness of what can not always be see

It is a safe space held for you to further develop your spiritual channels, including opening you 3rd eye further.

If you want to know if a pear is sweet taste it, if you want to experience the power to further grow your soul come join us

When: Every Tuesday, 10-11AM UK time

Cost: £20 a month whether its 4 Tuesdays or 5

Where: on Zoom, link provided once registration is complete