Forgiveness with Ancestors

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Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace.
Forgiveness is a golden key to living a healthy and happy life. 
Who is an Ancestor?
An ancestor is a person or creature from whom one is descended or who lived in the past, or a person who came before us.
Your great, great grandfather/mother are classed as an ancestor.
King David and King Soloman are each an example of an ancestor of JesusWe are so excited and honoured to lovingly invite you to join us for 15 days of practice at this special to connect deeply with our own Ancestors.

Research studies have shown that forgiveness reduces stress and can transform health – if we can not forgive and are bound in our resentment, bitterness, desire for revenge and more, it is we who suffer.

What is the greatest forgiveness?
It is unconditional forgiveness
Unconditional forgiveness is to forgive completely, without any conditions or expectations.
It is to let go totally of any upset, anger, vengefulness, victimisation, sense of injustice, anxiety, fear and more..

Forgiveness can be divided into two aspects
1. Receiving forgiveness for yourself
2. offering forgiveness to others
If anyone has harmed, cheated, or taken advantage of you – can you forgive them?
If you have made mistakes of hurting or harming others, can you deeply and sincerely apologise and humbly ask for forgiveness?  Can you forgive yourself?

If you can truly receive and offer the greatest forgiveness, the benefits for you and for others could be beyond your comprehension and imagination. It can be very hard for people to offer unconditional forgiveness.

There is an even deeper wisdom. If someone harmed you in many lifetimes across many centuries and millennia, can you forgive them?

We lovely invite you to join us for 15 days of forgiveness with your Ancestors
To bring inner joy and inner peace within yourself and others and to help you to receive a healthy and happy life.

Shradh – Forgiveness with YOUR Ancestors 

Sunday 11th Sept ~ Sunday 25th Sept
8 am – 9 am  UK Time (BST)

The webinar, joining and instructions will be sent to you
in a different email nearer to the starting date – after you have registered

PRICE PER PERSON: £ complementary 
(Yuan Bao donation if possible)