A cow went into a forest to graze grass. The evening was about to fall. He noticed a tiger growing his foot. She started running around in fear. That tiger also started running after him. Running cow spotted a pond in front. The nervous cow entered into that pond. The tiger also chased him into the pond. Then they noticed that the pond wasn’t too deep. It was low water and it was full of mud. The distance between them was quite short. But now he couldn’t do anything.
That cow started sinking slowly inside that mud. Even the tiger couldn’t catch him while he was near him. He too slowly started sinking in the mud. Both of them got trapped inside the mud around the throat. Both couldn’t even move. Despite being close to the cow, the tiger couldn’t catch him.
* After some time, the cow asked the tiger, do you have a teacher or master?
The tiger shouted, I am the king of the jungle. I have no boss. I am the owner of the jungle myself.
Cow said but what use of your power here?
That tiger said, you are also trapped and close to death. Your condition is the same as mine.
* The cow smilingly said, not at all. When my boss comes home in the evening and won’t find me there he will definitely come here looking and take me out of the mud and take me home. Who will take you?
* In a short while, a man really came there and took the cow out of the mud and took it home. The cow and its owner both looked at each other with gratitude while leaving. They couldn’t get that tiger out of the mud even if they wanted to because it was a threat to their lives.
* Cow is a symbol of dedicated heart. Tiger is an egoistic mind and the owner is the symbol of Sadguru. Mud is this world. And this struggle is the battle of existence. It’s a good thing not to depend on anyone but it shouldn’t be too much. You always need a friend, a teacher, a colleague.
Bow to Shri Guru Devi