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Let us join hearts and souls together to bring love, peace and harmony to humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes.

the Expert team

A Professional Team ready to Serve

Illa Khagram


Illa is an amazing individual who will help anyone she meets. Illa has so much love to offer. Over the years she has committed to her growth to help people and is certified in: –

  • Tao Hands Practitioner
  • Tao Calligraphy Master Practitioner
  • Guan Yin Lineage holder

and more…

Jeetu Khagram


Jeetu has the ability to listen and help you over- come your battles with yourself. Master Jeetu is also committed to help people grow and is certified in: –

  •  Tao Hands Practitioner
  • Abhiyanga Ayuvedic message
  • Pulse readings

and more…


Both Illa and Jeetu are members of the International Association of Tao


01. h.e.a.l

Heart for healing is what is needed for everyone. To heal is to transform, to transform is to become aligned to your true self. That is why we have created the acronym of H.E.A.L, The Heart, the Emotions, the Authenticity which leads to Love. Love is what we all are, it doesn’t matter if you are a mother, father, son, daughter, employee, employer, a business owner, an entrepreneur – we all need love because love is what we all are. It is our birth-rite, it is our soul to truly be aligned with our true self is to be aligned with the highest quality of love. That is why the emotions and the authenticity are between the heart and love. For heart and love will bring out the true being, we welcome you to go deeper into this pathway, to not only help you on your journey to feel happier and healthier but to help the wellbeing of you, your employees who work with you. For happy employees means a happy workplace, a happy workplace means a flourishing environment. 

02. a.l.i.g.n

What do we mean by ALIGN? So let us look first at aligning, this can be simplified into Authenticity, Leverages, Internal, GPS Navigation this may look complicated however it is very simple this is because of the wisdom of Soul Heart Mind and Body. To align means total oneness within your soul heart mind and body, therefore, the authentic, your true self. Also leveraging the internal aspects of your own GPS Navigation point to be in a oneness of your soul heart mind and body. In Master Sha’s teachings, this is referred to as Shen Qi Jing. Shen Qi Jing, when aligned as one will bring more harmony, inner peace more joy and happiness for it, will come like a seed that is flowering and blossoming for it has come from its own internal GPS. This process of alignment is very important for all souls no matter for who or where you are. To align is to join your soul heart mind and body and we invite to come and experience this greater joy in aligning your soul heart mind and body.




03. rejuvenate

When do we really rejuvenate? We rejuvenate when we have healed and aligned then we can go into the process of rejuvenation. To rejuvenate is to reverse what has already been there that has taken us away from our pathway. To rejuvenate is to grow in strength. To rejuvenate is to align your soul heart mind and body as one. To rejuvenate is to be a higher frequency, a higher light. To rejuvenate is to bring the highest teachings through your heart and soul to help empower all those who are in your pathway and to help them become happier and healthier for when you rejuvenate so too will all those around you. For it is like a domino effect companies need to rejuvenate, all souls need to rejuvenate, your finances need to rejuvenate. Your relationships need to rejuvenate. If you are truly to be in alignment with your true calling, with your purpose, your mission and vision on this earth then it is important to understand this truth. We are all here to serve because the true purpose of life is to serve when we serve we are already allowing our soul heart mind and body to rejuvenate. This process and pathway of rejuvenation is to bring you into alignment with your truth and your calling for what you are here to do, to make this world a better place. let us show you how, we invite you to join this programme so you can truly step into becoming your own rejuvenated truth to inspire, uplift and empower all those who are waiting for you.  




What We Do Best


Everybody is looking for connection social media is a fine example of the the search and longing for connection.

open hearts

Is to raise the frequency and vibration to bring in greater creative manifestation.


To transform from who we think we are to who we actually are.


Help to awaken the calling within your heart to serve humanity.


Is to bring oneness within yourself, Families, Communities, Countries, and Mother Earth.


Peace is the reflection of internal and external worlds in balance.

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